Rules of Membership

As sanctioned by club committee on 10/01/2011. (updated 20/9/23)

Membership Categories

Court availability for all categories subject to coaching programme and club matches.

Full Annual – courts available Monday – Sunday and include Social Tennis sessions. Courts bookable 7 days in advance.
Improvers – courts available to book Monday – Sunday. Courts bookable 5 days in advance. Social Tennis sessions not included.
Midweek – courts available on weekdays until 6:00pm.
Students – same as Full Annual
Social – club facilities excluding tennis courts.

Social Tennis times

Wednesday      7:00-10:00pm

Saturday           3:00- 6:00pm

Sunday              3:00-6:00pm

Organised by a committee member.

Balls are supplied by the Club

When others are waiting, a short knock up to be followed by a short set.

(tie break at 5-all).

Floodlit Tennis

Last users of courts to ‘Advance’ the floodlight switch in the hallway and lock the clubhouse.

Non Social Tennis – Vacating Courts

When other players are waiting play may take place for 1 set or 30 minutes at which time the players should either make up doubles or vacate the court.

Tennis Clothing and Footwear

Essential that non-marking tennis shoes are worn at all times on court.
Exclusions: football and cycling wear.
When representing club in matches recognisable tennis clothing must be worn.

Visitors and Appropriate Fees

A visitors fee of £5 is payable to the club. Maximum of 5 visits per year per person.

Reservation of Courts

All court bookings are to be made using the online booking system. Bookings are 1-hour with the exception of match bookings (not Box League) where courts can be booked for 1 1/2 hours.

Match fees – when representing the club at home & away matches, players must pay a fee of £3 to the captain.

Use Of Bar/Kitchen/Office

Bar should be kept locked and opened only by committee members.
Members Responsibilities

Last person leaving the club is responsible for ensuring the clubhouse and entry gate are secured and the alarm has been activated.

Care should be taken when using club facilities.

Court Etiquette

Warm up exercise should be undertaken before going on court.

Members should be considerate to others by not walking behind the courts when rallies are in play.  This applies to members whether they are on or off court.

Players should be aware of play on adjoining courts when returning/collecting balls and only do so in between rallies.

Members must walk round the nets at changeover to avoid damage to the net.

Players should not interrupt or interfere in matches and should refrain from making loud conversation on an adjoining court.

On/Off court behaviour disciplinary code

Within the club, whether on or off court, members must show respect for others and refrain from using behaviour or language that offends.

When playing against other clubs, whether at home or away players are required to conduct themselves in a manner that will uphold the good reputation of Wilton Tennis club.

Where a player has, in the opinion of other members seriously or repeatedly infringed the required code of behaviour the committee will have the power to:

Warn or severely warn the member that their behaviour is unsatisfactory and require the member to show the necessary improvement

Suspend the member from playing and/or from the club for a period considered to be appropriate to the seriousness or persistence of the offence

Terminate the person’s membership of the club

The member will have the right to appeal against any decision.